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DS: 1st Workshop held in Liverpool

A first workshop for the Dynamic Systems working group was held in Liverpool between the 29.11. - 30.11.2005.

The Dynamic Systems working group held its first workshop at the Computing Science department of the University of Liverpool in the time between the 29th and 30st of November 2005. In this one-day workhop a broad range of topics were covered, which included many presentations on temporal data spanning very different time scales ranging from molecular dynamics to evolution of species.

In a first session, some group members of the network presented their work (Hendrik Fuss, Johannes Mandel, David Gilbert, Vladislav Vyshemirsky, Irina Biktasheva). In a second session, experts from Liverpool covered a broad range from applied to theoretical topics. Speakers from Liverpool were Mike Begon (Biological Sciences), Mike Ball and Roger Bowers (Applied Mathematics), Tomasz Lipniacki (Rice University Houston and University of Warsaw) and Leszek Gasieniec (Computing Science).

After the lunch break, members of the network met to discuss next steps forward (see minutes).

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